High physical dance with a love to visual surprises and illusions – creativity, imagination and an exploratory urge to the limits of live performance.

Art in constant development – this is why challenges such as non-verbal storytelling or bringing cinematic illusions to life are of utmost importance to the creative philosophy of the flowmotion dance company.

The flowmotion dance company is one of the most successful dance companies of Austria.

The ensemble’s first national success was achieved in 2006 when we were given a choreography prize at the “Szene Bunte Wähne Dance Festival”. In 2009 we reached our international breakthrough with the first flowmotion shadow show.

Today the flowmotion dance company performs more than 150 shows on 3 continents annually. Highlights, among others, have been shows in the Royal Albert Hall in London, for the royal family of Abu Dhabi and on the rooftop of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro.

Our home base operates as the laboratory of creativity. Here all productions are created and it is the place where the artists start their journeys.

The artists of the flowmotion dance company come from different fields of performing arts and combine their skills of contemporary dance, musical, acrobatics, martial arts, tricking and object manipulation.

The common factor is formed by the love to performing arts and the constant high demand on work and our social environment.

As a company we are a community that loves culture and art.  This community does not only include the artists of the company, but also the whole team, our audiences, as well as friends and partners of the flowmotion dance company.