“Virtual Insanity” is a production about the symbols, attractions, possibilities and risks of online- communities and contemporary modes of communication. In the tube, at the office, at dinner in a restaurant – Virtuality is part of reality. With youthful enthusiasm the dancers show the image of a society with its rules and rites and analyze the relationships of linked people.

In the realization of this performance a new technology was used and transform the stage into a huge touchscreen. Every movement of the dancers changes the light – the projection. This method is known from game controllers such as WII or Kinect. Together with the team of This.Play this technology  was further developed and used for  a performance for the first time.

„Bergers neues Stück bietet durch das Zusammenwirken der TänzerInnen mit den interaktiven Projektionen den ZuschauerInnen doppeltes Vergnügen, eine eindrucksvolle Lichtschau, die von den Mitwirkenden gesteuert wird, und frischen energetischen Tanz. Das jugendliche Publikum war gespannt und schließlich hellauf begeistert.“ (, 2011)