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Black Out as a projection screen for your imagination

We live in an automated world. Online calendars, e-cars, driverless trains, music streams, touch displays from the train station to the supermarket, ...As fascinating as these systems are, they are also sensitive and fragile. The more we rely on technology being there for us, the more a dependency relationship is established - a blackout would mean a complete interruption of our daily routines.

In our production "Black Out" we use this rather unpleasant scenario as a starting point for creative adventures. The scenery is an underground train station; the protagonists kindly ignore each other, they are busy with themselves. Suddenly power is gone, only the lights of smartphones illuminate the room. Otherwise - no light, no phone reception, locked in isolation, alone with strangers. Fears and tension are released; in a mixture of an emerging sense of community and boredom in the dark, fantasy finds a wonderful breeding ground.

In contrast to the analogue existence in a blackout, the flowmotion dance company combines a variety of state-of-the-art media and cutting-edge technology for the creation of digital dreamworlds. 3D mapping, projection dance, shadow plays and e-mobility gadgets in harmony with music, dance and artistry.

Digital art meets analogue play.

The audience experiences intense choreographies in perfect symbiosis with impressive audio-visual effects, magical illusions and visually powerful dramas. A real-life story that could happen to anyone - technically elaborate and on the highest artistic level! An unprecedented show experience for all generations!

Other special features:

  • In Black Out, show techniques that have achieved notoriety through television and viral online videos are combined elegantly to a full-evening production and presented live to the audience.
  • By combining classic theatre elements with contemporary digital art and an accompanying social media campaign, Black Out is truly an experience for all generations.
  • In Black Out, we use only LED lights and state-of-the-art projectors. We want to show what the theatre of the future can look like. Creative and energy-saving!
  • This show is designed for touring. Stage & power connection - that's all we need. Stage set, dance floor, mixing desks, sound, lighting and projection technology - we bring everything ourselves.
  • While on tour, all crew members live in our nightliner. Apart from catering, there are no additional costs for us.

In January 2020, Black Out was performed in Berlin - a sneak peek what we could bring to your city soon!

»Black Out is an invitation to not only look up from your smartphone in extreme moments, to take the plugs out of your ears and meet those people who are standing next to you right now.«

Who is Black Out?

Flow Berger

Art Director

Flow is known for his specific way of combining different technologies with physical performances and non-verbal storytelling. Playing with light and shadow, digital imagery, object manipulation or even stunts - his love for the performing arts has shaped his life. For more than 20 years, he has staged performances on 4 continents - a variety show in an old bullring in Mexico, a fashion show at the Royal Albert Hall in London or the history of Abu Dhabi as a multimedia shadow play - flow surprises his audience again and again.

Rebekka Pichler


Rebekka loves to move, experiment, play with words and occasionally the double bass. She is the hoped-for breath of fresh air for the technologically savvy male round in our production team. Rebekka is not only instrumental in developing a new body language, but also impresses with her sense for music and lyrics.

Joe Mabane Plant

Lead Visual Artist

Joe is an internationally renowned visual artist. His work enriches the stage shows of well-known music greats such as Iron Maiden and Fat Boy Slim, among others. Passion for creative processes and self-development are his constant motivations. When Joe is not creating, he is out at sea windsurfing the biggest storms this planet has to offer.

Thomas Johansson

LED Wizard

Thomas is highly regarded for his innovative creativity, precise technique and diverse skills - both digital and physical. Known for his talent for making pixels dance and crystal balls float, he can be found on stages around the world performing impossibly complicated object manipulations with magical ease and always with a twinkle in his eye.




In Phase Event Gmbh

In Phase carries out around 2,500 projects worldwide every year and has its own large inventory of state-of-the-art technical equipment in the areas of lighting, sound, rigging and media technology. From sound and lighting design, to complex video projections, the use of LED technology and the development of groundbreaking special effects (4D!!) - the experts at In Phase are always ahead of their time.

The unbeatable combination of In Phase's technological edge and flowmotion's state-of-the-art artistic understanding and creativity has inspired and motivated both parties to create their own full-length show together:

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