2019 is already an exciting year. Our streetshow „Swing Cafe“ went on tour for a third consecutive year. Additional to festivals in Europe we managed to perform several shows in Canada. The excitement and energy of this success now fuels our effort in creating our new theatre production „Black Out“

Our new Show „Black Out“ will premiere on Nov 21st 2019 in Germany

Two different touring productions of this size within one year are a new highlight in the companies history, but also provides us with new challenges.
Next to the creations, we also have to work a lot on logistics, time management and travel arrangements. So far all went well and we are keen to stay on top.

Below you can find further details on our current productions including the tour schedule of Black Out.

If you want to know more about our work, please check our social media feed or feel free to contact us directly.

Black Out

Swing Café

Virtual Insanity